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In human-powered directories (such as Yahoo! Directory), indexing is not done automatically, but manually. The registration of a website in the directory is usually paid for on the initiative of the owner of the page. On rare occasions, a highly rich, well-written website can be listed on the list without the administrator's knowledge. Registration is made after a short description is given, which is written by the person concerned or by the authors of the list, and this text is to be used to match the terms of a search. Optimization has no effect on pages of a human-powered directory. Hybrid search engines are an alloy between crawler-based engines and manual directories, retrieving local seo services india information from both sources to return as complete results as possible.

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Nevertheless, hybrid engines show preference in one of the two sources for recovering the bulk of the results. The administrator of a page may request their registration for the search engine's list, but the entry is not guaranteed, as the most basic evaluation criterion is the quality of the page. More and more modern, crawler- based search engines are approaching professional seo companies the hybrid model in recent years: Google Search and Yahoo! Search can be considered hybrid. Post-search engines use a number of other machines to satisfy requests, returning to the user a wealth of information from many sources. After the information is retrieved, duplicates of the same page are deleted, and some machines have the ability to categorize the results in small clusters per object.

The basic features of a crawler-based search engine may not be time-consuming, but machines such as Google Search handle millions of requests a day for large numbers of users at a time. Their computing power needs are enormous, and extra requests from post-search engines increase their response time. For this reason, most post-search engines have now closed trade local business seo agreements with their crawler-based machines (op. cit). Post-search engines are really useful when requests on one or two separate search engines do not yield, and gathering information from multiple sources gives the user a greater chance of finding what they are looking for. This paragraph provides information on the major search engines on the market today.

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They mention the creators, the date of foundation, some particular characteristics of each machine and, if possible, information about the algorithm they are using. Crawler-based search engine Ask. Com first appeared on the spot called Ask Jeeves. Designed by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen as a question- answering service, using original software written by Gary Chevy. The purpose of the authors was to see more allow the user to query natural language as well as the standard method of keywords. The mascot of service, Jeeves, was the stereotypical figure of the English butler who had the answers to all the questions. Their positive aspects include the fact that, based on other machines for tissue detection and indexing of documents, they are light (Levine, 2006: 123).

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A feature of Ask. Com's design is the column that appears on the right of the screen after each search, which provides the user with links to queries about his search parameters. In 2006, the service was renamed Ask. Com. For the next four years, it continued to work like other search engines, but in the end, Google's competition proved insurmountable and the company issued a notice that it intends to return to the old questionnaire model (Kopytoff, 2010). Another crawler- based engine, Bing is Microsoft's commitment to search engines. Bing, in its bid to gain a competitive market share, has gone through many editions, with MSN Search in 1998. For some years, it has returned results from other search engines (Inktomi, AltaVista) and Looksmart advertisements.